Lash Inc Academy Classic Lash Extension Course

This class is designed to help you succeed in applying and promoting single strand semi-permanent eyelash extensions.

Classic extensions are the desired lash trend to take the world by storm. Originating in Russia, it has spread across the world rapidly and is in high demand from women wanting fuller, thicker, eyelashes.

Classic lashing thicken the natural lashes and add length giving a more natural look. Classic lashes are amazing for clients wanting more than mascara can give them and to create a new shape for their eyes.

Volume lashing offers you the tools to make natural lash corrections and better design an overall look and shape in order to enhance your client’s natural beauty.

Being certified and able to offer classic lash extensions will place you in high demand. In addition to waking up with beautiful lashes every morning, classic lashing are highly lucrative and a desire of many women.

• Classic lashes are one of the fastest growing and most profitable services in the industry.

• Your profit and client list increase substantially with Classic lash extension certification.

• Classic Lashing allows you to become an artist in the areas of lash styling and creation.

• The focus in this class is on applying Classic lashes safely and correctly.

• You will receive in-depth theory, including health and safety, infection control, adhesive allergies and more.

• Small class sizes ensure you get individualized attention and guidance.

• We only certify licensed professionals in order to protect our industry.

Ongoing Support from educator Charlene Nutter and Lash Inc Academy online.

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